Pond Lane


SBA gained permission to build two newhouses.

SBAremoved the tired chalet style bedrooms towards the rear of the Hurtwood Inn Hotel, reconfigure the car parking, landscaping and rear entrance in such a way as to better utilise the garden and reduce hotel traffic to the residential end of Pond Lane. This provided the space for a residential development inkeeping with the Peaslake conservation area and the rural nature of the envi-ronment.

Working closely with Guildford Planning Department SBA gained permission for two new dwellings.

The new dwellings although contemporary in interior finishes and layout, retain and promote the character of other more traditional dwellings in the village. Their combination of stone work, locally sourced and recycled materials blend well into the street scene. The use of multiple roof pitches, diminishing towards the rear, give the appearance they have evolved over time, providing a number of private outdoor spaces for the occupants to enjoy in this unique setting. The design evolved with the co-operation of Guildford Planning Conservation department ensuring the new development sits harmoniously in this area of outstanding natural beauty.

Services Instructed

  • Measured Site Survey
  • Design and Preparation of Designs to obtain planning permission
  • Submission to Local Council
  • Building Support


Photographs after the work had been carried out